Delivery of Consolidated Cargoes from the USA

If you have not enough goods to fill the whole cargo tank of a transport facility or a container, we can recommend using the service of consolidated cargoes delivery from the USA with the Delivery&Clearance Company. Small and intermediate cargoes of various senders are stored at special storage plants in the USA, after which they are compiled and loaded into a container or a cargo tank. At that, each sender pays only for the place taken by his order. This is where the main advantage of the service is: a considerable economy on delivery cost. That is why, the transportation of consolidated cargoes from the USA to Ukraine is considered to be the cheapest variant to quickly receive the goods of various purposes.

From all the goods we choose the orders which should be delivered in a certain direction, lay the shortest logistical route, carefully load the cargo into a container or a cargo tank (depending on the kind of transport) and deliver it to the necessary place in time.

Advantages of consolidated cargoes delivery from the USA with the Delivery&Clearance Company.

Delivery&Clearance offers the services with an ideal price-quality relationship.

At that, our company’s clients get the following advantages:
  • Delivery of goods from 0.5 cubic meters (MTQ) volume;
  • Multi-module way of consolidated cargoes delivery from the USA (aircraft+load carrying vehicle; vessel+ load carrying vehicle; aircraft+railway+ load carrying vehicle; vessel+railway+ load carrying vehicle);
  • One hundred percent compliance with the terms stated in the agreement;
  • Supervision over delivery process and quality of service rendering;
  • Goods insurance;
  • Complete delivery organization on a turnkey basis;
  • General cargo escorting;
  • Transport placement monitoring to control the terms of cargo delivery to a client.

We take over complete documentation for export and customs clearance, supervise the quality of packing and, if necessary, repack and palletize the goods. As the result, a client is required only to contact us, pay for the service and receive his order in the preliminarily stated place. We deliver the order from any US city to any city in Ukraine. You can choose the method of goods delivery to your population center independently or entrust us with the selection of logistics and the optimal variant of a transportation facility.

Kinds of transportation of international consolidated cargo delivery from the USA

Delivery&Clearance suggests 2 main delivery methods for cargoes from the USA: by an aircraft and by an ocean vessel. Along the territory of Ukraine, the order can be delivered by railway or by a load carrying vehicle. A cargo is also formed and delivered quickly by an aircraft. The client will receive his order within 3 to 5 days. However, this delivery method is more expensive.

International delivery of consolidated cargo from the USA to Ukraine by an ocean vessel is 2 to 3 times cheaper for a client, but the delivery term increases 6 to 10 times.