Consolidated cargoes transportation from China

Consolidated cargoes delivery from China is one of the most cost-efficient transportation methods for small volume cargoes, as it is free of extra expenses. Consolidated cargoes transportation from China can considerably economize the client’s expenses. A customer can economize on transportation as he pays only for his cargo. And despite the fact that the container will be filled with other customers’ cargoes, each customer pays only for his cargo. That is why, if you wish to deliver a small-sized cargo or a lot of various purposes goods from China to Ukraine and economize on delivery, the transportation of consolidated cargo is a sensible decision and an optimal variant.

If you wish to receive your order on a timely, quality and safe basis, contact our company. We suggest cost-efficient delivery variants and will undertake the delivery organization on a turnkey basis.

Advantages and services of Delivery&Clearance on consolidated cargoes delivery from China.

  • Availability of storage plants to store goods in big PRC cities;
  • Complete organization of goods delivery from China;
  • Execution of necessary documentation, customs clearance of goods;
  • Goods’ delivery on a turnkey basis;
  • Selection of a short route for a timely delivery;
  • Delivery route selection to a client’s town and selection of the best transportation method to exercise it;
  • Work with all regions of the People’s Republic of China.

Cooperating with Delivery&Clearance, you will get the financial profit from order delivery from China, if compared to existing kinds of delivery on the basis of transportation expenses optimization; you will also get a high-level service and time economy. We deliver goods from China each 14 days, and suggest order delivery starting with 0.5 cubic meter order volume.

Operating procedures on international goods delivery from China

1. In the territory of China, we receive the cargo form a customer;

2. We prepare export documents and insure the goods;

3. We exercise the goods’ packing or repacking (if necessary);

4. The goods are consolidated with other goods in the container;

5. The consolidated container is loaded on the board and transported to Ukraine;

6. In the territory of Ukraine, the cargo is disbanded, the client is informed and the method is selected to deliver the order to its destination. At a client’s wish, the cargo can be taken on a customer pickup basis.

We take the delivery process under control, work according to stated tariffs, guarantee prompt goods delivery in good condition, follow the norms and requirements as to packing and goods placement in a container .

But for the service of consolidated cargo delivery from China to Ukraine, you would have to pay the full cost for a container or look for other, more expensive delivery variants. Do you want to receive your order from China on f quality and inexpensive basis? Contact Delivery&Clearance!