Consolidated cargoes transportation from Europe

Delivery of consolidated cargoes from Europe is an optimal and cost-efficient variant if it is necessary to deliver quickly and inexpensively a small-volume cargo from a European country to Ukraine. This delivery method is very practical as it has main advantages, important for a client: delivery speed and quality.

The Delivery&Clearance Company suggests its service of quality cargo delivery from Europe. We organize your order’s transportation from any European Union country, supervise the whole process and undertake customs checking and export-import documentation. In our company, each client obtains high-level services and the guaranty of a timely cargo delivery and its complete safety.

Advantages of consolidated cargoes delivery from Europe with the Delivery&Clearance Company

We deliver cargoes of small and medium dimensions. The minimal order is from 0.5 cubic meters. Besides, we:
  • Organize independent regular cargo deliveries on developed logistical routes and escort the goods on its route;
  • Offer storage plants for goods’ storage;
  • Prepare the necessary documents on the cargo in a professional way;
  • Deliver the order “at the door”;
  • Provide the client’s opportunity to control the order’s location in the online regime;
  • Insure the goods at professional insurance companies;
  • Suggest the opportunity of consolidated cargo delivery from Europe for any goods type.

Cargo delivery and escort from European countries to Ukraine is connected with crossing several borders and customs formalities. During customs formalities, correct filling in of all the papers is of extreme importance, in order to prevent the goods’ detaining in a terminal or its confiscation. Our company’s experienced specialists professionally prepare the documents’ package, with consideration of border patrol requirements. We exercise the customs control supervision and escort the goods from beginning to end at each state border. The qualification of the Delivery&Clearance team helps to make the delivery process easier and faster. Owing to our services, you will be free of problems and will receive your order on time.

Methods of consolidated cargo transportation from Europe

We always try to provide maximum comfort for the company’s clients by suggesting various methods of consolidated cargo transportation from European countries to Ukraine; in particular:
  • By an ocean vessel;
  • By an aircraft;
  • By railway;
  • By a cargo truck.

Besides, clients have the possibility of ordering a multi-module transportation method. It means the combination of several delivery methods for time and transportation expenses optimization. For this, consolidated cargoes are loaded from one transport to another, and if necessary, are kept for the required period of time at our storage plants in the biggest cities of Europe.

Please, order the service of consolidated cargo transportation from Europe and get the chance of receiving your cargo with the professionals’ help. We exercise cargo delivery from Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Romania, Poland, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Czechia. Well-run logistics of transport routing, commercial tariffs and convenient storage plants’ placement in the territory of Europe will help you receive your tour order with maximum profit. Do contact us!