Cargo delivery from China

There exist a lot of methods of cargo delivery to Ukraine from any place in the world: by an aircraft, by a truck or by railway. However, cargo delivery by ship is the only method of radical lowering of the service cost because of relatively low logistics expenses. Low shop price of stevedoring and transportation by shipping facilities enables the cargo delivery of various types into the necessary city in unlimited quantities (from valuable to dangerous cargoes) for anyone who wishes to do so.

At present, 80% of import by sea is cargo delivery from China. Thanks to established value chains between the shorelines of the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine, as well as to dozens of cargo ports equipped with convenient container anchorage terminals, it is possible to exercise quick and safe transportation of the goods, economizing on your money.

For the Delivery&Clearance, cargo transportation from China to Ukraine is a priority guideline. Our company cooperates with port managements of both countries which allows our timely goods transportation to the ports of Odessa or Ilichyovsk from the commercial harbors of Ningbo, Fuzhou, Dalian, Tientsin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen and others. We guarantee the cargo’s safety and integrity, and also suggest the service of goods container carriage from China on a turnkey basis (door-to-door).

What does the service of container carriage from China on a turnkey basis include?

The clients of Delivery&Clearance are suggested the service of sea transportation from China on a turnkey basis (door-to-door).

The service provides:
  • Assistance in the search of and negotiating with Chinese suppliers as to cargo purchase;
  • Control over the cargo shipping-dispatching process in all ports;
  • Formalizing export papers from the PRC;
  • Container carriage of consolidated cargo;
  • Container selection depending on the cargo specifics;
  • Full or partial container loading (FCL, LCL).

We will deal with papers’ formalizing, customs clearance and customs control.We provide guarantees as to the cargo accepted and insure it, if necessary, with the help of reliable insurance companies.

Our company’s prices on international transportation from China

The cost of container carriage from China is a fixed tariff; but it can change depending on the type of goods, container and the client’s wishes. The delivery calculation and the consultation can be obtained by contacting our company representative by the phone number stated on our site.

The payment of the service is conducted on the order’s arrival to the port or the stated storage plant. We are also ready to conduct the goods delivery from the sea port to the stated address by a truck or by railway. We will formalize the papers and take all possible actions for the timely cargo delivery from China with minimum client’s expenses. Do contact us, we will be happy to cooperate with you!