Air Freight Operations

In case a quick, trouble-free long-distance cargo delivery is needed, the optimal variant is air freight operations. An international air freight operation is the correct choice for those who want to save time; this mode of transportation is considered to be the most practical one, irrespective of the distance to destination place. This service allows shortening the delivery duration 5 times compared to other alternative delivery variants. That’s why the transportation of time-sensitive, heavy, valuable and other goods is possible without the risk of their quality damage.

The Delivery&Clearance Company suggests complex logistic decisions, including air freight operations with goods to any destination place. Being an agent of cargo transportation organization, we have a partnership network around the world, which enables us suggesting optimal routes and flight costs for cargo transport to absolutely any place.

Air freight operations services in our company

We suggest:
  • International cargo transportation by aircrafts;
  • Import/export of cargoes;
  • Express-delivery to any continent;
  • Customs’ clearance for any cargoes;
  • Storage buildings provision to keep cargoes in various countries;
  • Cargo insurance with the help of reliable insurance companies;
  • “Warehouse-to-warehouse” and “door-to-door” delivery.

We will study the cargo specifics and details, select the optimal air- delivery route, calculate the service cost on a free basis and exercise the delivery within a stated term, without holdups and force majeure situations. We guarantee high quality service and process control at each stage.

Cargo categories that we transport

With our company you can deliver:
  • General air cargo carriage;
  • Dangerous, outsize or heavy cargoes;
  • Time-sensitive goods;
  • Over-dimensional cargoes;
  • Air-cargoes requiring urgent transportation on the party’s demand.

We suggest objective service cost, and this enables our clients to transport their cargoes to necessary places at a cheap rate. Air-delivery costs can be learned by contacting the company manager.

The final cost is calculated with consideration to:
  • Kind and volume of the cargo delivered;
  • Delivery urgency;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Goods specifics factors;
  • Route distance;
  • Legal documentation (if required);
  • Pilot support.

Detailed information, as well as calculations and answers to all relevant questions a client may have, will be provided by our company representative.

Reasons to order air-delivery by the Delivery&Clearance Company

Our staff includes experienced qualified managers who provide a professional and operative response to the order. Our goal is to satisfy a client’s needs, to serve them on a priority basis and to do everything possible for quality air-transportation organization.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can formalize the documents quickly, exercise the order faultlessly and without operational errors, please, contact Delivery&Clearance. We will do all the tasks relating to goods’ delivery by air, prepare the documents and exercise the order within the stated terms. We guarantee cargo safety condition irrespective of cargo category and its type. We are waiting for your calls!