Goods delivery from the USA

The Delivery&Clearance Company suggests the services of cargo delivery from the United States of America by air and guarantees quality control and comfort for each Company’s client. The delivery from America to Ukraine is one of areas of priority for Delivery&Clearance. Nowadays, buying and delivering goods from the USA have become more simple and convenient; we take care of minimizing the expenses, and service quality and provide timely transportation of any cargo kind: from time-sensitive to valuable ones.

Now you can buy clothes, household goods, instruments and other things from a famous American Internet-shop eBay and from other resources without worrying about your order’s safety. We provide our clients with assurance as to absolute integrity of the cargo irrespective of its cost.

3 advantages of the USA-Ukraine delivery

American goods are known for their high quality, originality and comparatively low cost. You may receive up to 50% economy with any goods group, from the cost of the same goods as suggested in Ukraine.

Besides, with goods delivery from the USA, you get:
1. Access to exclusive global novelties: from smartphones to brand clothes produced by leading fashion houses;
2. Enormous economy. Even with the expenses on cargo delivery from the USA by air, you can have up to 70% economy if the goods are bought during sales;
3. Invariable American quality which is seldom found in Ukrainian market.

Air delivery from the USA to Ukraine is the optimal variant of the order’s receipt. Within days the goods, recently resting in American ware-house, will be at your disposal.

Terms and costs of cargo carriage by air from the USA to Ukraine.

Transportation of goods by an aircraft is the fastest way of receiving a parcel from any American state. Cargo carriage from the USA is exercised within 3-4 days. It is possible to transport any kind of goods: foodstuffs, flowers, fragile objects made of porcelain and glass, furniture, clothes, building materials and many other things.

We monitor the air delivery process; we suggest transportation services within short timeframes and guarantee the goods quality similar to that which was ordered in American Internet-shop.

Long-term and reliable cooperation is in the interests of Delivery&Clearance. That is why we form objective and adequate costs of the Company’s services, and provide recommendations as to expenses minimization for goods delivery from the USA and make free calculations judging from the goods’ sizes and the distance of delivery route.

4 reasons to order goods delivery by air from the USA with our Company

1. Delivery&Clearance has considerably lower tariffs than other firms and commercial courier services;
2. We exercise delivery even from those American shops which have no delivery service to Ukraine;
3. We deliver goods of any weight: from a minimal one to a really huge one. Small weight goods are grouped with other clients’ orders, and very big orders are split into parts;
4. In the territory of Ukraine, we control the customs process and cargo execution.

We guarantee expedited delivery of any cargo from the USA a cheap, fast and high quality manner! Contact Delivery&Clearance!