Delivery from Germany to Ukraine

Goods delivery by air from Germany to Ukraine is a reliable help to Ukrainians wishing to get the order in a due condition, without fuss and time loss. It is known that cargo transportation by an aircraft is a reliable transportation mode for any kind and quantity of goods: from small to capacious ones, from fragile and valuable to outsized ones. Direct air-routes provide quick delivery from any German town to a Ukrainian city, which provides a special comfort for buyers irrespective of their place of residence.

In the Delivery&Clearance Company, the delivery from Germany to Ukraine is one of priority activity areas. During several years we exercise cargo delivery from Germany by an aircraft on an uninterrupted basis; we take care of our clients providing an invariably high level of service, an adequate service cost and the control over each stage of transportation by air.

The experience of the Company managers helps to remove unforeseen difficulties effectively, to organize timely cargo delivery from Germany and to prepare the necessary documents within 3-6 hours.

Benefits of cargo air delivery from Germany with Delivery&Clearance

Having become our Company’s client, you economize time, money and your nerves, in addition obtaining the following benefits:
  • Goods delivery by an aircraft from Berlin, Munich, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Frankfurt-am-Mein, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund, Hamburg, Köln, Dusseldorf and other cities to all Ukrainian cities;
  • Assistance in customs registering during the customs’ control exercised by qualified specialists;
  • Goods delivery in 3 to 7 days, depending on route length and goods’ specificity;
  • Fixed tariff and low prices;
  • Contract performance and guarantees’ provision as to the goods’ value and safety. Our Company’s employees will independently formalize necessary documents, select the transport for the goods’ delivery to the aircraft, select a convenient tariff of delivery by air and exercise a free calculation of the services cost. Kinds of goods delivered by air transportation. With Delivery&Clearance you can deliver the following kinds of cargoes from Germany to Ukraine:
  • Equipment and spare parts to it, including : gas equipment, boiler equipment, refrigerating equipment, coffee-house equipment, woodworking equipment, etc.;
  • Water supply systems, heating systems and air comfort systems;
  • Generators, compressors;
  • Furniture;
  • Automobile spare parts and motor oils;
  • Home care goods, cosmetics;
  • Clothes and footwear;
  • Time-sensitive and valuable groups of goods.

Haven’t you found your kind of cargo in the list? Don’t worry! Contact the Delivery&Clearance manager and specify the possibility of your cargo delivery by air. If it is impossible to transport your cargo by an aircraft, we’ll select other alternative variants.

With our Company, you can transport whole sale orders and formalize goods delivery without making efforts and worrying as to the quality of a delivered cargo. We’ll take care of your order and exercise the delivery from Germany to Ukraine quickly and competently. Contact us!