Cargo delivery from China

If it is necessary to deliver a cargo from China, an aircraft is the optimal mode of transportation. This is the fastest mode which allows saving the time. So, by air you can deliver from China valuable, time-sensitive (for instance, foodstuffs, flowers, etc.) and VIP goods not worrying about their safety.

Unlike other modes of cargo transportation, goods are not shifted from hard to hard over, during the flight there is no mechanical disturbance on the cargo. That is why very fragile goods, like glass, Chinese porcelain and many others, can be fast transported by an aircraft. The average delivery time from the door of a logistics company to the recipient’s door doesn’t exceed 4-5 days.

3 main advantages of transporting cargoes from China to Ukraine:
1. Very high speed. There is no other faster transportation mode which allows receiving goods from China in Ukraine. The use of other transportation modes for cargo delivery takes 3-5 more time ;
2. Maximum safety and integrity of goods. While being delivered from China, the cargo passes through a few loading/unloading operation and customs control cycles. That is why there is no need to worry about expensive or time-sensitive goods: they don’t undergo any physical effect;
3. All cargo aviation operations from China to Ukraine are insured.

If you deal with Chinese goods trade in Ukrainian market, the advantages of goods delivery of from the PRC by air cargo transport are evident. At the first operation stages it is important to attract and hold a client with a wide saleable assortment of goods and their availability. In this case, air delivery will become a single correct decision as to obtaining the order in the shortest possible time. You won’t lose your clients providing them with goods within the shortest term, even if it is not available at the moment of the request.

Cost of cargo delivery from China

In calculating the cost of transportation by air, the following factors are considered:
  • Delivery cost of 1 kg of the cargo;
  • Type of packing;
  • Urgency of delivery by air from China;
  • Possibility and conditions of the cargo keeping in a storage plant;
  • Delivery point and receipt point;
  • Distance between receipt point and delivery point.

There are fixed tariffs in our company; however the final cast may be changed depending on above listed factors and the client’s individual wishes. Please, get a free cargo delivery calculation from China to Ukraine by contacting the managers of Delivery&Clearance. They will also answer any questions related to goods delivery.

Timely air delivery from China by the Delivery&Clearance Company

The Delivery&Clearance Company will organize for you reliable and timely delivery of any kinds of cargoes, including consolidated ones, from China to Ukraine.We will prepare necessary documents, provide assistance and consultations, solve current problems supplying you with a high service rank.

Our company’s experience helps avoid possible errors and difficulties related to customs clearance, control and registration. We are aimed at long-term cooperation; suggest an adequate service cost and professional cargo delivery from China to Ukraine in any scale. Contact us!