About the Company

Delivery&Clearance is a young company, and its strong point is a team of specialists with 15 years of experience in the sphere of logistics. With our work we strive to provide comfort for each client, delivering the cargo safe and undamaged within the determined time. Each c choice of the route and cargo delivery type, as well as the service cost calculation is a meticulous and responsible job which demonstrates our professionalism and competence.

Our services

Our company specializes in goods’ import and export. We suggest goods delivery services by all possible means, organizing cargo delivery on a turnkey basis. The Delivery&Clearance specialists provide the formalization of the package of documents for custom clearance and quick and problem-free border crossing.

We deal with transportation of any cargo types: oversized, outsized, valuable, dangerous, timesensitive, etc. We select optimal delivery routes with consideration to the client’s wishes and the special nature of delivered goods.

The Company’s cargo transportation geography

We deliver cargoes all through the territory of Ukraine and exercised goods’ delivery from European and Asian countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Romania and the United States of America. We also deliver goods from the CIS countries.

We work on a turnkey basis using a multimodal transportation method. Our main objective is to develop a convenient safe route for transport movement to reduce the delivery time to a minimum. At that we try to reduce the client’s expenses suggesting the most economic variants.

Mission and advantages


We build long-time relationships with each client, accompany the cargo during its delivery and provide consultations and assistance.


We suggest cost-efficient fixed tariffs and additional services on the client’s choice. After the service cost calculation and the formation of a contract is concluded, we never by any means change the announced cost on the cargo’s arrival to the place.


We don’t give false promises or warranties. We estimate real delivery terms objectively, and after they are announced, we fulfill these terms 100%.


We develop high-quality logistics, choosing the shortest convenient routes. The Company managers are ready to prompt and recommend the best combination of transport kinds (or one of them), which can satisfy the client both in cost and quality.


We are responsible, open and honest in our attitude to work, suggest our clients a high service level, we work for the result and achieve our tasks on hand


There are no problems for us which we can’t settle. Delivery&Clearance works in cases when the others can’t work!